1-test Anabolic/Androgenic activity

  1. 1-test Anabolic/Androgenic activity

    I know that 1-tests androgenic properities seem to set in after about 2 weeks of use, such as increased strength and lethargy. But when do the anabolic properities appear, such as the increased protien synthesis?

  2. Actually the 1-test exerts its anabolic and androgenic potential within hours of applying but your body needs time to respond. In terms of nitrogen retention it is rather quick (within days depending on your body and level of training) and the androgenic increase takes time for it to present (a few weeks).


  3. alrighty, thanks chemo the reason i wanted to know is, I just started a 1-test cycle on wednesday, and was wondering if I should ramp up my protien intake right away, the anwser is yes

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