how much 4ad to battle limp noodle

  1. how much 4ad to battle limp noodle

    I am about to start a cycle of 1T pro. I heard a couple of people talking about loss of libido, so i picked up some t-gel and 6 grams of 4ad. my question is if i put all 6 grams in the 240ml t-get, how many squirts would be ideal to keep libido up? i was thinking 1 squirt a day. as far as the 1Tpro goes i will be doing 1 squirt twice a day. Also, when i mix in the 4ad, do i just pour the powder in the bottle and shake it up real good? whats the best way to mix it?

  2. 2 mL per day will give about 280 mg weekly absorbed and should be PLENTY...


  3. Also, it should last for 2 months...

  4. Chemo,

    Since he is going to use t1-pro......why would any extra 4ad be necessary ? If he was using a straight 1-test product, I could see the addition of the 6 grams of 4ad. The t1-pro already has 5 grams of 4ad, which should be plenty for libido and lathargy (it was for me )


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