infection vs spot injection pain?!?!

  1. If it's warm, red, swollen, etc. & you're running a fever, then it's an infection. If not, I wouldn't worry, but pay very close attention to your body for clues.

  2. infection vs spot injection pain?!?!

    HELP! I'm worried that i may have an infection in my calf, i spot injected some test suspension, water based, aabout 6 days ago and it is swollen up a bit, not red at all and no spotty rash, but pretty painful, i've used the same vial in other spots before and since and it hurts pretty bad but not like this,
    i did hit a nerve with the pin when i shot it, and that hurt pretty damn bad, wondering if i may have an abscess or if i just accidentally put the test susp in my nerve of my calf?

    should i be worried? how bad does it hurt if you inject into a nerve?

  3. Hmm..that's odd. My post went above yours. New board feature perhaps?

  4. its weird cause i've since injected into other muscles with no probs besides normal test susp injection pain, but my calf is swollen and super painful, no fever and doesn't look that red, but there is a hard spot and the swelling is all the way down in my ankle

    what happens if you accidentally shoot test susp into a nerve or something?

  5. well you can't shoot into a nerve .. and you'd know if you injected directly into a vein or artery

    calves are SO tightly bound that they really aren't a good place for injecting .. i assume you are injecting ed .. delts, glutes, thighs, lats, bis, tris ... 12 sites right there .. ditch calves

  6. The test might've leaked out of the muscle & it in between the muscle & epidarmis. It happened to me with Tren. It should go away on it's own so I wouldn't worry.

  7. Calf injections are painfull, especially with prop or suspension.


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