HCG week 10 Test Cycle advice

  1. HCG week 10 Test Cycle advice

    im into week 10 of Test 500mg/week cycle (2 x 1ml/250mg amp per wk).
    Ive got 5 amps left (i wasted one). This was supposed to be 12 weeker but thinking of cutting it down to 10 wks.

    I want to run HCG 500iu eod or ed before i start clomid/nolva therapy. when do think i should start and subsequently end this cycle bearing in mind i have 5 amps left.

    I jab Tues and Fri btw

  2. Why?

    If you had planned on using HCG this is something you should have started ~week 4

  3. right im considering this:

    wk10 (this week) test 250mg x2
    wk11 test 250mg x2 HCG 500iu eod
    wk12 test 250mg x1 HCG 500iu eod
    wk13 HCG 500iu eod
    wk15 Nolva/Clomid Therapy
    wk16 Nolva/Clomid Therapy
    wk17 Nolva/Clomid Therapy

    is it ok to run 10mg nolva ed whilst running the HCG?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier

    If you had planned on using HCG this is something you should have started ~week 4
    eh, not really necessary. pre-PCT is ok too.

    there is debate on HCG PCT timing...but a general guideline is to shoot 500IU or so, EOD starting a week after the last test e shot (IMO)

    before that and you have too much circulating exogenous test, after that and you wont get enough shots in before PCT starts...granted, you can play around with it.

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