Question about test

  1. Question about test

    So I have this list sitting here, and everything looks familiar except for one thing, maybe i'm just slightly out of date, but i've never heard of "Supertest 250" by Tornel. Is it just me? Can anyone tell me if there are any diff to be noted as opposed to test cyp/prop/suspension. Not even my buddy who has the same list knows what it is, so i'm posting for the both of us. Watch it's something i should know, and your all going to be calling me stupid by the day's end.

  2. if its from tornel, it sucks.

  3. Com'mon Larry..You should know these things by now.


  4. Wow, it's been a while since i've been on the boards (9 days, even though it feels like a lifetime.. lol)... yea i know i should... i'm just out of it man... I just had my quad sliced open and now i can't walk for a while, haven't even been at work for the past 5 days.... PM me or email me and i'll tell ya about it...

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