Newbie questions and football....

  1. Newbie questions and football....

    I have yet to start anything, i am just doing research first. I am 22 and done growing i think, 6'5''. I dont know what kind of roids i will yet use, if any. My cousin is big on body building and he is coming off his first cycle and is huge, he is the one that will direct me through most of it. I am just here to ask a few questions. If you cycle properly after you cycle of roids, how much of your gains can you possible keep. Do they affect you running and cardio performance for the worse? and the last one is, i have a couple major colleges looking at me for football, i know i can go natural, but i have hit a brick wall, and i know alot of football players are juicing up. I just want to know, if they do pull a test and let us know ahead of time, is there a way to clean your piss like you can do in a drug test? Thanks for all your responses.

  2. Sorry i posted this on the wrong board. I have no clue on how to move it over to the steroid board. Can a mod do that for me?

  3. Definitely stay away from Deca because it will stay in your system longer. Also, since you hit a plateu you might try changing your diet and training program as well to see if your body responds to that change. IMO you should go w/Test & D-Bol because they clear your system quicker. For the piss test you can drink lots of water like Charles Rogers j/k. I gues you can try a masking agent, but find out if they also test for masking agents. You can always get a piss sample from a clean buddy of yours, just keep in taped in your crotch area and put it 2 saran wraps, that's what my cousin has done for his tests. Best of luck

  4. Condom works better than saran wrap. Just stick a thin needle inside...and when your ready to "piss" pull it out and ta da....steady stream of clean piss.

  5. Ouch, why a needle? Why draw the piss into a larger syringe, like 10 ccs, tape that the inside of your thigh, then shoot it out when you need to. I don't think I wanna be walking around with the needle part.

  6. Needle can be something as small as a safety pin or insulin needle. You simply put it in the condom taped to the side of your leg (not on) and thus it creates a steady stream rather then all coming out at once. This is really only necessary if they are watching you piss. Also, the condom is best because taped to your leg for a couple hours will raise the temp even with your body temp and thus pass the test. Plastic syringe may or may not warm up enough to pass the test.

  7. Dang Scottyo, that's very creative. Much better than my cousin's method, and it wouldn't look suspicious either now that I think about it.

  8. lol thanks guys for all the piss advice. Is there anything to do after a cycle to help keep most of your gains???

  9. Hey, you pick up a few things here and there. As for preserving gains ya might want to do some research bro. Nolva, clomid, HCG etc. Gotta have the post cycle plan down just as thorough as the cycle itself. Ask if you have any questions in particular but its kind of broad just saying "what do i do post cycle"...capiche?


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