Locating equip. for making cyclo ph's

  1. Locating equip. for making cyclo ph's


    I'm looking for a place online where I can purchase the equipment to make HPBCD cyclodex Ph's. I just purchased 4ad base powder and I'm going to order some other ph powders soon from Mike.
    I found the directions how to make these compounds from Avantlabs.

    I'm looking for (1) Stir plate (2) beaker (3) Saline

    Also what is the best way to filter out insoluable particles remaining?

  2. Show me some love bros!

    I found a stir plate using the search but I'm finding those devices run approx $250 bones. Anyone know of any cheaper companies online?

    Also the beakers. That would the last thing I need. I found the saline.

  3. http://www.sciencelab.com

    I think all stirrers are real expensive though. Good luck.

  4. Thanx dude..

  5. Hope you found everything you need.

  6. I found a mini stirrer for 60 bucks. Beats paying 250.

    Beakers 7-15 dollars

    Saline 4- 10 dollars.

  7. That's a good deal on that mini-stirrer. I haven't seen that one, just the expensive ones too.

  8. Originally posted by champster

    Also what is the best way to filter out insoluable particles remaining?
    With some Whatman filter paper of course! (I miss OChem) Fold it accordion style for lots of surface area and place in a glass funnel, then pour.  Happy Brewing

    Edit: or some coffee filters will work fine for homebrewing

  9. Just what I needed. Thanx for that info brotha!

  10. Just an idea but its a long shot.

    Do you think that converting fina tabs into a cyclo method be effective?

    Its mentioned by the forum of avantlabs that this conversion applies to raw powders and ph powders.

    If the answer is yes, would the same procedure with fina pellets be used as with ph powders?


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