Professional opinions on gear please.

  1. Professional opinions on gear please.

    Hey all, i was wondering if anyone knows of, or ever heard of this company and there packaging procedures. Im in the process of squirreling away some different gear for future use and i stumbled on this stuff today but the Primobolan looks kinda shady to me.
    No money changed hands yet, i would like some different opinions if anyone has used or have seen this bottle and label.
    P.S. i know the Sustanon is ok.

    The label reads Designer Labs
    Primobolan Depot
    1ml contains 100 mg
    100 mg primobolan depot
    body by design 10 ml

  2. Looks like somebody just made some gear at home and is selling it like that. Aslong as the Methenolone acetate they made it from was of high quality then it would be fine. But never heard of that brand before.

  3. You'll get more responses posting this same question over at:

  4. Never heard of it bro.



  5. I would not use any product that has a biohazard symbol on the label but that is just me.

  6. haha, that reminds of me of that pic someone posted on FG of the DNP container, and on the front it had a skull and crossbones

  7. I believe i have seen pics of that stuff over on another board--i believe they said it was good stuff--try posting it some where elese if no one on here is too sure


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