Mestanolone (MDHT)

  1. Mestanolone (MDHT)

    Who here has taken MDHT and not lost any hair on it?

  2. not me... had to stop after two weeks because of shedding.

  3. used this product before the ph ban and did not notice any shedding, 1-ad made me shed like crazy...go figure.....i enjoyed both products though

  4. i didnt lose any hair, but my head itched so bad i knew it was a matter of days before the hairloss started.

    rough stuff....but you definitely know when you're on it

  5. I have been on it the last few weeks...people assume that because its MDHT, it is THE worst thing for hair loss, but PA used to sell it and said that supposedly some of these unnatural compounds are more androgenic, take that for what its worth because he also had a hand in selling MDHT...I would say if you are prone to MPB dont take it obviously

  6. Never had problems shedding on it, or M5AA for that matter.

    For me, ATD is the absolute worst, followed by M4OHN.

  7. What kind of strength gains did you guys make on MDHT?

  8. No noticeable shedding for me. I love the stuff, bought a lot before the 2004 ban.

    Siz, you had a shedding problem with M4OHN? That's weird.


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