straight answer please.

  1. Question straight answer please.

    Testosterone @ 500 mgs a week did not go well with me i experienced a low level of consistent frustration/anxiety with fluctuations of barely tolerable frustration and anxiety all ive been told was that it was in my head?Has this happened to anyone else and are there easier drugs out there>IM considering lower levels of test next time with 400 mgs eq would i experience diferent results.

  2. test is an anti depressent. i wouldnt associate the test with your anxiety --- maybe high estrogen. there is a possibilty you could have had lots of the test aromatize. estrogen can definitely cause some mood problems. i would take an AI next time you use test and maybe bump to 750mg. as for the eq i can't say. never used it.

  3. Would aromasin be good for this?
    And i wish i could get more feedback on this>Thread i am putting together a cycle and the it hinges on a conclusion to my test problem.

  4. Oh heres my proposed next cycle.500mgs deca not sure if im going to run test or eq depends on my research.! winstrol toward end im debating aromasin during cycle with a chl/nolva post cycle.

  5. You are aware the EQ has been known to cause anxiety in some?

    Irish is right, Test shouldn't be the culprit for that. Not in my experience, and not as a consensus.

    500mg Deca standalone? Huh.

    Where does this cycle rank on your experience belt?

  6. No not deca alone.this would be my first full cycle i discontinued test cycle 6 weeks in due to afore mentioned.IM a rook but i have been reading for a while now i just need practical advice.PS im 31 been training about 5 years 13 percent bf @ 170 lbs

  7. oh yes you are the second source ive heard eq anxiety possibility.

  8. drop the Deca, drop the EQ..

    Run it like Irish said, Test with an AI like Aromasin. If it was Test Cyp or Test E in the previous attempt, you dropped it right when it was getting good.

    Have you had anxiety or mood disorders in the past?

  9. Never diagnosed with anything but i would say i do have some anxiety from time to time just nothing like i expeirienced with the teste.So your advice would be give it another shot get it another shot.with an ai.And drop deca?/eq

  10. If you have little cycle experience, I would see how one compound acts on you instead of combining a bunch and then never knowing where the sides are coming from.

    Good practice is to know your compounds and how they affect YOU as an individual.

    Test should make you feel good more than anything. Use a low dose AI and guage the effects.. give it some time.

    I am not an expert by any means, I am just offering some common sense.

  11. Most consider that a low-effective dose. Depending on your cycle history and LBM, propensity for gyno.. variables like that.. you can up it.

    If you feel you only had anxiety sides by week 6 of 500mg Test Enan.. I don't know what to think to tell you the truth.. and I am not comfortable giving advice in that arena.. ie Mood interactions with compounds

  12. Thanx for your input and i apreciate you telling me what you know and not what you dont.


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