Can I take HCG the same time as Test/Deca shot?

  1. Can I take HCG the same time as Test/Deca shot?

    Hello guys.

    I'm about to start a cycle of Test en (500mg/wk) + Deca (400mg/wk). I'd like to run HCG as well - 250iu 2x/wk.

    Can I mix the hcg with my Test/Deca shots (to save pinning times)?

    Thanks for any info.



    you can't mix oil and aqueous shots .. the oil can form around the water once injected and bam you have an abcess

    just shoot the hcg sub-q

    btw this question has been asked a thousand times .. search people

  3. you see there is a prime example to not beleive any one answer even though i tend to agree with glenihan i would have to research that for myself prior to inject



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