first time 1-ad user questions?

  1. first time 1-ad user questions?

    hey guys... right now im cutting with a pretty high 19%bf i guess, im hoping to hit 145-150lbs in a few weeks from my last weeks 160ish. after this, i would like to try a 1-ad cycle, without 4ad followed by 6oxo. i'm hoping to gain at least 5-10 lean lbs. i dont care about lethargy, but i would like to know: do you lose all sex drive no matter what or just some people, and could it help bring down my body fat just a little more/stay the same, at the same time?

  2. why go with 1ad that converts into 1test when you can buy 1test? And no not everyone loses sex drive.

  3. The sex drive issue has a lot to do with how long your on.....

  4. wow that was fast... ok, i wanted to go on about a 3 week cycle as an experiment... ok, so 1-test, whats a good brand and amount for a newbie 3 week cycle... is it cheaper? pills or transdermal? (as you can tell, im new to this)

  5. Hit up transdermal, cheaper. Order from here but it'll have 4-ad in it aswell.

  6. T-1final (transdermal) and you can get it in the member store. this will last 4 weeks at 2ml a day. Also Search around in the PH section there's a lot you should know before taking it. Read, read, read. Late

  7. can't 4-ad give you some unwanted (for me at least) side effects like water weight etc? i wanna trim down as much as i can before summer as ive never been cut up before... just go for the 1-ad i guess?

  8. have u ever thought about making your own? And you can still lose bf% with T-1final. It's all about how you eat. Diet is key no matter what your taking. Water weight will not be that much of an issue.

  9. Yes, 4-ad will cause some water retention. 1-ad is your best option if you don't want any 4-ad at all.

  10. Agreed with Jminis, homebrewing is easier than my ex-girlfriend (right jweave ) and all you have to do is obtain chemicals from lemelange and powders from 1fast and mix em up. Use a syringe for measuring liquids.

  11. cool what im thinking is ill try a 3 week cycle of 1-ad, then probably late summer ill try 1-test when i dont care about a little fat/water... as far as a homebrew, ill look into it because i dont know the first thing.. thanks guys

  12. Check out the recipe section, lots of info there.

  13. 4ad will cause a little water retention but as soon as your off the cycle it's gone. But bro I think you should just make your own, cheap, effective, and custom fit to meet your needs.

  14. theyre just as effective? my goal would be putting on more mass while slightly lowering body fat if i can... im gonna read up on it right now before i hit the gym...

  15. I'm on a high cal diet right now and on cycle right now (anabolics not ph's) and i've been eatin everything in sight. My body fat has dropped a lil more than 1% in three weeks. Drugs and hard work can accomplish great things

  16. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    I'm on a high cal diet right now and on cycle right now (anabolics not ph's) and i've been eatin everything in sight. My body fat has dropped a lil more than 1% in three weeks. Drugs and hard work can accomplish great things

    Bump that

  17. i got back from the gym... man, cutting is the worst, i feel slightly weaker in the chest, but im only 9lbs from my goal of 150... ok, well ive basically decided between 1-ad or t1pro... i was pretty upset when i saw how much t1 pro was compared to final, but thats ok... how long does a t1 pro thing last? it doesnt say.. which could i expect better results from?

  18. after some more research im beginning to really want to try t1-pro... right now im taking ripped fuel for cutting... should i just finish that before going on this or save some for my post cycle or take both at once? i mean, it seems like t1pro will help me lose fat more than ephedra... and still, how long does one of those bottles last? ill be back tonight and hopefully order tonight, but its time for me to see the matrix...

  19. well If your buying T-1pro it will last two 4week cycles at 2ml/day.


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