Bane One's SD/test enan/EQ Log.

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  1. B4n3 0n3
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    Bane One's SD/test enan/EQ Log.

    So what I do is a push day and then a pull day. I do my leg work on the pull day. Now I know every one is gonna jump on me about not doing squats but I work out at home and I don't have a power rack so I do my powercleans in place of squats.

    Push Day:
    Bench warmup with 225 for 8 reps
    275 x 5
    260 x 5
    250 x 5
    240 x 5

    Incline dumbell press
    80's for as many reps as possible x 4 sets (the reps vary so much I cant give accurate numbers)

    Shoulder press

    135 x 5 reps x 4 sets


    4 sets x 8 reps
    Dips will be changing to bench dips now that I am moving my wokouts inside for the winter.

    skull crushers

    75 x 6-8 reps x 4 sets

    push day done.

    Pull day.

    pull ups
    3 sets for as many reps till falure.

    power cleans

    215 x 6 reps x 3 sets

    Yates row

    215 x 6 reps x 3 set

    Bent over barbell row

    185 x 6 reps x 3 set

    Upright row (if I feel like my shoulders have recovered)

    115 x 6-8 reps x 3 set

    barbell curls

    115 x 6 reps
    100 x 6 reps x two set

    dead lifts

    415 x 2
    375 x 3-4
    335 x 6
    335 x 6

    Now you have my baseline lifts. My bulking cycle is 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week divided into 2 shots, 500mg of EQ per week in 2 shots and kickstarting it all with SD at 20/20/20. Pct will be toremifene using a tapered down dosing scheme. For current before pics of me Weighing in at 220 check HERE
    Updated pics of Bane.
    week 1-12 EQ
    week 1-15 test
    week 2-4 sd
    week 18-22 pct with toremifene

  2. B4n3 0n3
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    This past sunday was my first inject and a push day. Today was a pull day and I did my second inject. Refer to above post for weights and reps used these 2 days. I am still very sore in my chest today from the push day on sunday. I weighed in at 220 today as well. Hopefully as the steroids kick in I will be able to use fewer of days but for now it looks like two workouts per week are what I will be doing.

  3. i'm interested. i'd run the EQ to week 13 at a minimum...doesnt even get magical til week 9 for me, personally. also, i would not put all my stock in research chem PCTs with brand new compounds. try to get some pharm grade nolva or clomid and add it....and HCG is a great addition to any longer cycle.

  4. Gotta say man, three compounds for a first cycle? I think you are overcomplicating things and with the great base you have, IMO, it isn't needed. I say cut out the EQ, and stick with the Test E/SD. EQ's half-life is so long that if you do have a harsh reaction to it (though not likely given EQ's low side effect profile) you won't really be able to cease in time to alleviate sides. And for that matter will not neccessarily know to which compound you could attribute sides to. Stick with the Drol/Test, by the time any sides that may come with Test begin to manifest themselves you will have already been off the SD

  5. And looking good btw, chest/bi especially...You wouldn't be a chest/bi kinda fella now would ya??..

  6. tattoopierced1
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    have fun with this....i loved my test/eq/sd cycle..... makes me want to shed a tear..
  7. B4n3 0n3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    And looking good btw, chest/bi especially...You wouldn't be a chest/bi kinda fella now would ya??..
    Haha not any more bro. Back in high school I didn't have anyone really teach me about deadlifting or squats and all that good stuff so I was a chest/bicep dude to a degree.

    As for the EQ being in my first cycle the main reason that I think it would help is that everybody says it is such a great appetite booster and my appetite is kinda weak so I figure if I really wanna bulk I have to eat like a horse.

  8. Yeah thats understandable, just completing this exact same cycle myself man I can tell you that you will not have any problems with appetitie on Drol/Test bro. Save the EQ for a Test/Tren/EQ when you'll need it...MwwwahahhahahMwwwhwhahaha hahha..I mean, yeah..Anyway..Good luck man, whatever you decide to do

  9. If youre gonna stop the eq do it now so you dont waste. IMO, i would leave it in.

    You only workout twice a week? wow. I could never do that, working out is just so fun to me i cant stay out of the gym. Hopefully you can workout 4x a week on this cycle, youll probably want to!

    Have fun and be safe. I'll be watching as i plan on doing a similiar upcoming cycle. Thinking of what oral to use for jumpstart tho' as i still havent gotten my orig plan (dbol) yet.
  10. B4n3 0n3
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    Yea like I said I hope to have more workouts in a week on cycle. Right now though I feel I need the time for recovery as I really don't want to overtrain.

  11. Do you feel any different yet?
  12. B4n3 0n3
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    Nope, I feel no difference yet. I expected that though since they say it takes 4-5 weeks for the test to kick in. I was gonna start my SD tomorrow but my red yeast rice and extra milk thistle has not arrived yet so I may have to hold off a few more days on that.

  13. bump what same_old said.. I'd extend it.. EQ for 14 at least in my opinion..

    and then I realized this is a first cycle, so I'll shut up and let you do your own d*mn thing.

    I have faith in Tor for PCT.. I have absolute faith in it from my own experience.
  14. B4n3 0n3
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    My problem with extending the EQ to 14 is that I don't have enough of it, maybe I will buy more though.

    I have some nolva just in case but I really want to use the torem to avoid some of the negative side effects of the nolva.

  15. I'd run the Drol for 6 weeks, personally.

    Bump to extending the EQ longer if you can.

    Lookin good in the pics ya bashtad!
    Recent log:
  16. B4n3 0n3
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    Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    I'd run the Drol for 6 weeks, personally.

    You can't be serious. Wouldn't that just kill my liver? I am worried about using orals because they get a bad rap. But I stocked up on the SD before I came to the realization that injectables are the way to go so I don't wanna waste the sd.

  17. My liver does just fine on the stuff. I don't recommend orals at all however, for anyone but me that is.
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    Yesterday was a push day and my third injection. Not noticing any real effects yet from the test as you can see from my numbers. I think I will push the SD off another week so I will start that next sunday and since the test is supposed to take 4-5 weeks to kick the end of my SD cycle should still sinc with the test kick in timing.

    Here was my workout from yesterday.

    bench 275x4

    incline DB press
    80's x 6
    80's x 6
    80's x 5
    80's x 5

    military press
    125 x 7
    125 x 7
    125 x 5
    125 x 5

    bench dips one plate 4 sets of 10

    Skull crushers
    85 x 6
    85 x 5
    65 x 8
    65 x 8
  19. B4n3 0n3
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    OK, today I am halfway through the second week and I don't know why but I felt great!!! As far as I know nothing should be kicking in yet but I had some major improvments in my lifts and the DOMS seems to be reducing in time as well. I did my 4th inject today and I have only used both glutes for inject sites it seems to be enough to just alternate between the two glutes. Now on to the workout, it was my pull day so here it is:

    pullups 10-7-5 a slight decrease in numbers here. this was the only decrease of the day.

    powerclean 215 x 6 x 3 even though my numbers stay the same here I really powered through these and felt strong.

    yates row 215 x 6 x 3

    bent over row 185 x 6 x 3

    curls 115 x 7
    115 x 6
    115 x 6

    dead lifts 375 x 6 PR
    375 x 5 PR
    375 x 4

    Deadlifts are where I am seeing great gains my previous PR was 4 reps at 375 so today I beat that twice!

  20. I looked but i didnt see it, did you start the superdrol yet? I bought dbol for my cycle which is almost identical to yours. Im going to do 14weeks EQ tho' probably at 600mg but not sure(i have 300mg/ml eq). I really want to see how you feel and what you gain from this. Its like you have a jumpstart on me so when i start youll be a few weeks ahead. Granted we arent the same but hopefully i can see what to expect from your cycle.

    Now I have been wanting to use superdrol for a while now because i have a bunch and i hear all the good talk about it. I want to use dbol as well. Does anyone think superdrol would be a good tailend to the cycle?(also have winny and m1t). Now i know orals arent ideal and all but I want a monster cycle because i dont plan on cycling more than once each year, maybe two.
  21. B4n3 0n3
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    No I have not started the superdrol yet because I just got my red yeast rice and extra milk thistle yesterday so I will be starting the SD on sunday. As far as what is better between Dbol and SD I think you are better off with the dbol since you can run it for four weeks instead of three so you can just start out with the dbol instead of waiting a little bit to start the oral like I am doing.

    If you are gonna start with an oral and then end with and oral that could be getting pretty risky from a health standpoint. I think starting with an oral should be the best because you will get that huge boost from the oral and then right as you quit the oral the test is kicking in to make sure you don't lose those gains. Ending with an oral seems alot like running an oral only cycle since when the oral is done you are off all juice so you would have the same chances of losing your gains as if you were on an oral only.

  22. hmmm...good point.
  23. B4n3 0n3
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    First day of SD today so I took that and gave myself a shot. I scraped my glute as I pulled the needle out and gave myself a nice scratch and some bleeding. My push lifts are up slightly from last push day.

    bench 275 x 6
    260 x 6
    250 x 5
    240 x 6

    incline DB press 80s x 7
    80s x 7
    80s x 6
    80s x 5

    military press 135 x 6
    135 x 6
    135 x 5
    135 x 4

    bench dips, these are gay since I can only balance 1 plate.

    skull crusher 85 x 8
    85x 7
    85 x 6
    85 x 5
  24. B4n3 0n3
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    today I felt my nipples and there is some soreness. What is a good on cycle dosing of toremifene to combat gyno?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by B4n3 0n3
    today I felt my nipples and there is some soreness. What is a good on cycle dosing of toremifene to combat gyno?
    run 40mg for a couple days then drop to 20mg for a few then continue at 10mg ed for future prevention.


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