Deca dosage; 200mg/week enough?

  1. Deca dosage; 200mg/week enough?

    I've read that deca is effective at 200mg/day doses, but only on a few threads. Most information sources say it should be dosed at 400mg/week.
    Would 200mg of deca with 750mg/week super test be enough to significantly lube the joints? i'm 34 yrs old and have problems with joint pain. I want to add deca to my 12 week supertest cycle, but i want to avoid the possible progestin sides as much as possible.
    I will also be running proviron at 50mg per day throughout the cycle, dbol 30-50mg daily for the first 4 weeks, and winny 40-50mg per day last 4 weeks. I have 10mg tabs of nolva for emergency gyno use as well as pct, but from everything i've read, i'm hoping the proviron will take care of on-cycle estrogen related sides.
    I am gyno prone, from past experience, although i've never lactated, thank god. I'm not sure if it was progestin related or not, since the substance I suspect was M1T. I've read a few places where M1T is a suspected progesterone agonist, and that's why I'm concerned with nandrolone dosage.

    I've cycled PH's several times, and juiced one noobie cycle. I went through a 6 month gym withdrawal due to a very near-divorce, so I've gained a bit of fat and lost a bit of muscle. I'm 5'8" at 198lbs and probably around 12 to 14% BF. I was at 193lbs and 8 to 10%BF, so it was a significant body comp alteration, lol.
    Thanks for any help; this site is great.

  2. yup that will be absolutely fine .. although i would run the test for 14 weeks and the deca for 12

  3. thanks, Glenihan.

    You are looking ripped as hell if that's you in your avatar! nice work.

    I just read about using B6 for progesterone control too. Gonna do some more research into that. maybe i could get away with running the 400mgs with enough ancillaries.

  4. also, why do you recommend the extra 2 weeks? would it really add much to the cycle? and quit the deca sooner than the test?

  5. you want the deca done a few weeks before PCT because of its libido shutdown in most people. Basically if you run it right up to PCT then you will have a harder time at PCT.

  6. I believe it also has to do with the half life of deca and the time that it takes to clear the system (although deca can be detected in the system up to a year later!).

  7. at 12 weeks the deca will have only had 2 or 3 weeks of good solid build time. i am a fan of longer cycles, but 12 weeks is fine.

    deca at 200mgs will do the trick for what you are looking for.

  8. they said why

    personally if it were me i would go probably 24 weeks of test and 20 of deca .. but that's just me

  9. In my opinion I would do 100mg twice a week . A lot of people thinks Deca makes you hard , but thats only if your skinny. Dec increases blood count and sometimes causes a bloated look on people who aren't lean. But just for lube 200 a week.MY OPINION!!!

  10. thanks for all the replies. you guys have really been helpful and i don't have to wait for days to see replies on this board, like some others i've been on in the past.

    I'm considering going with Glenihan's recomendation of a 24 weeker at 750mg supertest and 200mg deca per week; maybe extend the d-bol at the start and the winny at the end to 6 weeks each, ending the proviron and deca at 20 weeks. so at the end of the cycle, i'll only be running the test and 40-50mg per day of winny for the last 4 weeks.

  11. what is super test by the way? is it a blend? .. if its what i think it is by who i think its by .. you really need to inject that eod because of the esters

  12. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    what is super test by the way? is it a blend? .. if its what i think it is by who i think its by .. you really need to inject that eod because of the esters
    32 mg per ml of testosterone acetate
    147 mg per ml of testosterone decanoate
    73 mg per ml of testosterone propionate
    73 mg per ml of testosterone phenylpropionate
    125 mg per ml of testosterone cypionate

    It's probably by who you think it's by
    I've been thinking EOD would be best, too to maximize the effects of the prop and keep things balanced. That mean i can use a smaller gauge pin?

    Also, can i blend the deca with the test in a sterile vial so i only have to do one injection for both? I will be transferring the product from it's original packaging into vials as needed.

    Some people have advised to dilute the test blend with sterile grapeseed oil too to ease the pain.

  13. no don't do that you'll get too much deca per dose .. just use the test eod and the deca twice per week .. just twice during the week 3 or 4 days apart add in the deca with the test

    and i use a 25g for all my shots

  14. ok, that sounds like the plan. thanks again


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