Combating the EVIL 1-test lethargy

  1. Combating the EVIL 1-test lethargy

    Well as I said in multiple other threads Ive got a 1-test only cycle coming up. 6g of 1test over 4 weeks. Now Im not that concerned about the lethargic side effects, but if they did get out of hand would having a bottle of 4ad cyclo or regular 4ad pills be of any help to battle the evil lethargy? I was thinking about ordering 60 100mg 4ad pills or something along those lines.

  2. I would use an ECA stack. Also, if buying 4-ad pills go for ergopharms. They are 300mg per pill. You will need 600-900mg per day to feel any effect. Another option would be Avant's intra-nasal supp.

  3. Bump on Big.....keep some 4ad on hand, I would just make a seperate bottle of transdermal and adjust dose accordingly, but oral will also work at dose reccomended above. If you use eca, use small and frequent dose. Also, you may get a bit of the 'dry joints' or libido problems (for some) both of which 4ad will help combat. This is why I always incude 4ad in my cycles in some way (dose wise). Good luck.

  4. How soon should I expect the lethargy of the 1-test to appear? Does it usually start when you start the 1-test? or 2 weeks into the cycle when your HTPA starts getting shutdown hard?
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    I noticed the 1-test side effects on day 10 of my cycle. It was a libido problem that hit me hard in the worst way!!! ( I will leave that to your imagination!) The 4ad definitely comes in handy. I was taking T-1 Pro and had to get extra 4ad (Cyclo-Diol Fizz). It helped me out immediately. The lethargy was mostly went away and so did the libido problem. DEFINITELY keep 4ad handy.



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