mixing test solution and HCG??

  1. mixing test solution and HCG??

    is there any risk of messing up the either of the original compounds if i mix the test solution with the HCG??

    would be a lot easier to take one shot and it also helps out my "test solution" cloggin the tip of the pin issue


  2. can easily lead to an abcess as the water based hcg gets trapped inside the oil based gear .. then the water can get easily infected

  3. thanks gleni,

    the test solution i have is a water based and so is the hcg, but someone told me that i still shouldn't mix them because one could damage the other,

    what do you think?

  4. its fine if you mix just before injecting.

  5. yeah what skye said ... sorry i didn't realize you were using aqueous solution

  6. sounds more like a suspension than a solution. Which of course would be fine as it is waterbased as you pointed out.

    no soup for any of you.

  7. ugh i'm an idiot yes its a susp and not a solution


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