not sure how this works

  1. not sure how this works

    k i dont know if i should be askin this, but im curious. maybe someone can point me the way if this has already been discussed.

    im new to this whole thing, ive been doing alot of research on s-drol, and somthing has been boggling my mind. i thought stuff like this is illegal, so how come you were able to buy this on the net, and still can. i thought u could only buy stuff like this on a different kind of "market".

    is it like a loop-hole, where the company comes out with the stuff, and then the FDA finds out and red flags it. cause id rather buy the stuff from the net, then 400 bucks from someone else.

    and no im not some cop. im just trying to clear somthing up for peace of mind. if someone could help, that would be much appreciated.

  2. Just because you can buy it on the internet does not make it legal. The internet is the black market of the electronic age.

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