Q - Bound Test / Free Test and Aromatization

  1. Q - Bound Test / Free Test and Aromatization

    Hi Guys,

    I'm curious. I know that Test aromatizes to Estradiol but my question is is it the Free Test that aromatizes or the Bound Test or does it not matter for the aromatization process?

    Tell you why, I'm doing the NHA stack with RXT and Activate (and LX) and whilst my BF seems to be generally reducing my man boobed chest seems to be remaining heavy and soft. Caused me to wonder if it's the circulating free T aromatizing or not?

    Just a thought. I'm certainly not saying it's the G word. I've still got a lot of BF to drop and there's plenty still to go on the chest. I'm disappointed there's been little change there.


  2. I was under the impression that it was thje free test that aromatized.
    The chest area can take a while to "cut up" it seems compared to the stomach, arms, neck...
    Its the larger amount of free test, and some higher bound test (i would assume) that is helping with the recomp. I do not think it is specificly hindering in any way your chest developement.

  3. Yeah I agree flossy.

    Was just hoping some of the fat from the fat band around my chest would be disappearing (or at least at the same rate as elsewhere). I'm sure it's happening tho, it's probably more noticeable in this area because other areas are reducing a bit quicker. Hate it though.


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