Finishing T-1 cycle - Time to cut

  1. Finishing T-1 cycle - Time to cut

    I waited a little too long to start my T-1 cycle and it will end somewhere between May 20-22.
    My question is how long should I wait before I can go into full blown cutting mode? I would normally wait 2- 2 1/2 weeks to stabilize gains but that puts me smack dab in the middle of June and I live in SoCal so I'm a little anxious to start shedding the fat so I can hit the beach like David Hasselhoff (scratch that).
    Anyone with a similar experience in which you got off a cycle, took proper post cycle maintenence and started cutting about a week later?
    I don't want to stop my cycle yet because it really didn't kick in until the 2nd week (last week).

  2. Oh yeah, my current post plan is to keep the food intake up for 5-6 days and slowly cut carbs and around Day 10 my only carbs will be for breakfast and pre/during/post workout carbs. Proper therapy will be included (Biotest M and Tribex*). I'm also using FL7 so that will be another factor as far as cortisol goes.


  3. Hey bro, you'll be better off with Clomid or Nolvadex for post-cycle recovery, you can get those for "research purposes" only at

  4. You could cut carbs right away, but I would keep fat intake kind of high. Go with 50%protein, 20%carbs, and 30% fat. This will allow you to keep calories high while dropping bodyfat.

  5. I'd wait at least a week bro....from personal experience you will lose more than you think if you cut too soon. Could add clen in to help preserve gains while slowly lowering cals....add it like halfway through the week and then do 2 weeks...might help the cal deficit. Ive also thought that using something like t-heat post cycle might make any catabolism use up the estrogenic bodyfat over muscle for energy demands. ALso the nolva would reduce the est levels making the yohimbine work better.

  6. Originally posted by Iron Warrior
    Hey bro, you'll be better off with Clomid or Nolvadex for post-cycle recovery, you can get those for "research purposes" only at
    Thanks for the advice. Take a look at the end of that post.

  7. Thanks for the input guys. I do plan to wait about a week to stabilize gains to the best my impatience allows.

    I'll throw in Lipoderm about two weeks post-cycle. I'm still waiting for T-Heat feedback to see if it's worth saving a few bucks. My gut (pun intended) tells me to stick with what works.


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