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  1. Talking T1-Pro Cycle Log

    I am going to do a 4 week cycle of T1-Pro, 1 squirt in the morning, one in the evening. /w 100mg formasin oral every evening.


    weight: 158, aprox 12% BF (i think)

    Calorie intake is around 4000, 4 day split training.

    I started my first squirt last night before I went to bed, and had another this morning. At 2:30 pm I started my work out, and I already felt a very nice pump unlike the usual. I am very excited to get a few more days in so i can feel this stuff.

    Here is a pic. Sorry that it is so cut down, but I posted these on BB.com and I got a couple homo's emailing me for nude pic exchanges.. =/

  2. Good luck and stay focused. Eat then eat more.

  3. Looking good dude, you should do well with the cycle, keep us posted

  4. Today was leg day, damn it was good. I swear I already have a slight strength increase, maybe it is just my mind set though. I defenitly noticed a soreness in my knees throughout the day. I have problems with them now and then, but today they were sore and I havent lifted with them for 1 week.

    Ill keep updating, hopefully daily.

  5. dannyboy,

    Can you give us your 4 day split routine? I'm training on a 4 day also and would like to see what your routine looks like.

    Best of luck Bro.

    I'm sure you'll make some good gains.

    Keep us updated.

  6. Monday- Chest & Biceps

    -Flat BP 3 x 8x6x4
    -Incline BP 3x8
    -Decline BP 3x8
    -Weighted Dips 3x15

    -BB curls 2x8
    -DB Curls 3x8
    -Incline Curls 2x6

    Tuesday - Leg Day

    Squats 3 or 4 x 18
    Leg curls 3x8
    leg extension 3x8
    leg press 3x8
    calve press 5x10

    Wed - Off

    Thurs - Shoulders & Traps

    Machine Military Press 3x8
    Military Press with EZ curl bar 3x10 (very concentrated on full movement) 3x8
    DB shrugs - 3x10

    Fri - Triceps and back

    Lat Pulldown 3x8
    seated machine rows 3x10
    tricep pushdown 3x10
    dips 3x10 (Concentrating on using triceps)
    skull crushers 3x10
    bent DB rows 3x10

  7. Today is my off day.

    I slept like a baby last night, I was very tired and went to bed at 10, which is very unusual for me, ussualy i go to bed around 12:30 or so. I woke up before my alarm clock this morning and felt very good. So far my appitite is up a little bit, not much though, nor have I gained any weight (most likely I wont for a week or so though, beings I am not getting much water gain because of the formasin). My strength and endurance is up a little bit though. And I swear I already have lost about 2% BF.

    Can anyone reccomend a decent dosage for formastat (molecular nutrition btw) ? Each pill I have is 50 mg, so far I have been taking 2 a day.

  8. Thanks for your reply.

    Looks good, It's about time I change my routine, so I'll try what you're working with.

    Let us know how your gains are going!!

  9. Whats up folks!

    It is now friday and I am ip about 4 pounds. My appitite has gone through the roof, Its taking me a long time to get full, even then I am hungry in another hour or so. I bumped my formastat up to 3 pills a day, I have noticed no bloat yet. My nipples seem to be a little puffy, but the small gyno that I never lost from puberty have not increased in size. They are slightly more sensetive then they were before. I am not getting acne but some zits are starting to pop about my face, nothing that really bothers me. I obviously have some sort of anger problem, I notice myself having a short fuse these last few days, and every night so far I have been having dreams about beating people up and people getting in my face, arguments and such, nothing that i shouldnt be able to control though, as long as it doesnt get like 3x as bad.

    Here is my average meal plan:


    2 scrambled eggs /w cheese
    1 waffle
    1 banana
    about 3 glasses of OJ


    1 tuna sandwish on wheat bread
    1 orange
    1 cup of cottage cheese


    (protein shake)2 scoops Nlarge, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, 1 banana, about 5 cups 2% milk, sometimes 2 raw eggs

    2 sandwiches, ussualy turkey with a little mayo
    another orange
    2 glasses of grape juice
    multi vitamin & 1 serving of creatine (done about 15 min after eating)

    3:30 (post workout)

    grape juice /w 5 grams of creatine
    (note: I wait 15 min after my creatine to start drinking protein shake)
    2 scoops Nlarge, 1 banana, 1 tbsp flax, 4 cups 2% milk


    -Whatever is cookin', always includes some veggies like peas or corn, hotdishes /w chicken breasts or something like that, most 6:00 meals are around 1000 cals.
    -at least 3 glasses of OJ

    -grab a sandwich again, ussualy sausage.
    -banana or an orange

    -tuna sandwich
    -bowl of cereal
    -2 cups of juice

  10. Originally posted by dannyboy5000

    every night so far I have been having dreams about beating people up

  11. Drop the formasin and run the T-1 PRO by itself...save some money.

    The gains from T-1 PRO are dry by design...eat heavy and lift heavier!

    Good luck and keep us posted.


  12. I defenitly know what you are saying. But what about problems that could arise because of my predisposition to gyno? I dun want any bitch tits for this summer =/

  13. Originally posted by dannyboy5000
    I defenitly know what you are saying. But what about problems that could arise because of my predisposition to gyno? I dun want any bitch tits for this summer =/
    Gyno takes a lot more aggrivation than most let on.  In the case of esterfied molecules they exert their potential over the course of weeks and an out of control cycle will take that long to control.  In the case of a fast acting lotion any flare up can be handled in days and GENERALLY does not present a problem for those that are vigilant and keep an eye on it.  There have been reports from a few with pre-existing conditions that suggest T-1 PRO is fairly easy on gyno.  T-1 does NOT have the same story and my recommendation would be to stay far away from it.

    Regardless of what you decide it is imperative that you have the proper ancillaries on hand in case.


  14. DAY 8

    ------------------------biceps and chest

    Strength is hardly up, bench is up a little bit. I am up about 5 pounds now But i swear it looks like so much more. I look leaner now then ever, and my BF is about 9% I am guessing. I have experienced no lethargy yet, no side effects at all really. I am sure that nothing is aromitizing though hence the formasin, which i like. (In case I forgot to mention this is my first cycle).

    I really hate to see T1-Pro go, I really like it. So far it has been very good to me.

    How much longer in my cycle will it be till i am up about 15 pounds or so? I am eating plenty (around 4000-5000 cals a day).

  15. im on day 16 of my cycle @ 2 squirts a day of t1-pro. i didnt really start getting jacked until yesterday...relax, it takes atleast 2 weeks before real changes are noticeable. I love this stuff too..man, im gonna have to get some t-gel and some powders. i like this dosage alot.

  16. I am on day 8 of my cycle. The MAIN thing I have noticed so for is that the muscle recovery time is like WAY freeking down. If it does not really kick in hard untill the 14 day point, I dont know what the hell life is gona be like then.

  17. Day 9 --

    Leg day

    I feel what i think is lethargy today, just kind of a cloudy head tired feeling. Feeling a little depressed, might not be from the t1 though.

    I worked out at a different gym today since the college gym is shut down now. My lying leg curl was up from 90-140, and my leg extension was up from 90-150, leg press was up 30 pounds. Now these gains seem kind of wierd, I dont even believe it. Unless the weights were off on the machine, who knows, it just doesnt seem possable to gain that fast.

  18. got a question. My nipples are getting very puffy is this normal? They are not hard or anything, just really puffy, it defenitly looks awkward.

  19. Different machins have different tensions on the cable. I work out at two different gyms and the same happens with me.

  20. Originally posted by dannyboy5000
    got a question. My nipples are getting very puffy is this normal? They are not hard or anything, just really puffy, it defenitly looks awkward.
    You have two choices:

    • STOP DOSING IMMEDIATELY and begin a regime of anti-e's such as liquid solution containing clomid or nolva.  Don't get an arimidex as there is not too much aromatization to begin with...you need to bind those receptors so it does not affect the gyno any further.
    • CONTINUE DOSING and begin a regime of anti-e's such as a  liquid solution containing clomid or nolva (for the same reason as above).

    As you can see the only real choice you have is either stop dosing or continue.  The anti-e's should be on hand BEFORE starting your cycle so they should be in front of you now..


  21. I got some nolva on hand.. Ill post a pic of my chest in a few minutes..

    I am not sure it is gyno though, because I already had it b4 a little bit, and they have not increased in size at all, its just that my actualy nipple is puffy.

  22. Wow I never knew it looked this bad till now. I tried to make it look bad by the way I flexed my chest, but damn. I guess I should quit my cycle and start on nolva tomorrow? Or can I continue? .... will the puffiness most likely go down after i finish off my nolva?

    thanks guys, damn i was making some nice gains too...


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