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Bloat and body type

  1. Bloat and body type

    Some of my friends and I were discussing bloat and how it seems different body types (mainly endo and ecto) bloat at different ends. I don't tend to smooth out much, but I don't get the water retention many others do. Where as my friends tend to bloat more. I am and ecto and my friends are endos. I just wanted to make a poll to see whats others experience is and maybe draw conclusions from it. Thank you for voting.

  2. my bloat depends on how much enanthate i use...letro seems to help a little but once i'm up to 750mg, its hard to look cut

  3. Thumbs up

    I blow up like a balloon, but I add in some more dandelion root and all is well in my world.

  4. the only part of me that bloats noticeably is my face. its the most ****ing annoying and more or less uncontrollable side effect ive ever experienced.

    cant wait to go back on tren, tren smacks that moon off my face

  5. I hate moon face :\



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