Powder measurement

  1. Powder measurement

    I am adding in mdht powder to the last three weeks of mt test cycle to harden up and eliminate some estrogen. Does anyone here know the approximate mg content of a 1/4 tsp. I already know i can use olive oil in a 120 ml bottle ect..... thats not my question.

  2. With hormones, I wouldnt go with approximate.

    If I were you, Id get a digital scale to be sure.

    1/4 tbsp is typically ~500mg but density of the powder makes a difference.

  3. its a 1/4 teaspoon not a 1/4 tablespoon. thanks for the reply though.

  4. If your gonna deal with powder spring for a scale

    Here are a couple of links for the cheapest of the cheap scales
    Here is a site that has them as low as $18.00 digital

    Digital Scales - Digital Scales & Pocket Scales! Electronic Scales Digital Scale

    Here is a really nifty pocket scale that works well with powder and is as on like $12.00

    American Science & Surplus: Scales

    I'm not whoring for these guys...just figured this would be useful info

  5. get a scale, there is no excuss for not having one or not using one when you can get them every where.


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