HCG with TEST E - nolva and/or liquidex ?

  1. HCG with TEST E - nolva and/or liquidex ?

    im in week 6 of a test enth cycle 500mg/week - Tue/Fri
    this is either going to be a 10 or 12 weeker (most likley latter)

    HCG protocol:
    250iu Mon
    250iu Thu

    however im running 20mg nolva the the mo to minmalise bloat and gyno. at the begining of this cycle i was using adex (liquidex) at 0.5ml each day but the overall effect wasnt that good so i ditched it.
    question: what do i run in conjucntion with the HCG? continue 20mg nolva and/or adex???

  2. If you want to reduce gyno or stop it from happening if your prone to it use nolva. If you want to minimize bloat use adex. Some people will reccomend adex for gyno too but your going to be sacrificing some gains if you do that, with nolva you wont be sacrificing as much.

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