questions about a few roids

  1. questions about a few roids

    what would 4-chloro-1-dehydro-17-alphamethyltest (or something like that) be,

    also anyone use or know about GHRP2?


    and nitrotain (ethylestranol)





  2. GHRP2 is a sublingual "gh releaser" being sold by our favorite china man. From everything i've heard and read it sucks big goat balls. I have NO idea what 4chloro blah blah blah is (well i probably do its just that i'm taking finals now and my brain is fried. )

    itrotain on the other hand come in either a paste or pill form. I dont know **** about the paste form. The pill form get mixed reviews. It supposedly has a 19:1 anabolic ratio. DTO from bolex said he got some good gains off of the stuff on 60-80 mg/ed.




  3. yeah thats what i got it off, ** list.  So i just figured id see what the deal was.  thanks.



  4. Well i can agree with Bozz..the GH pill **** is crap dont even waist your loot brother...

  5. I thought what ** has is Clostebol(4-chloro-androst-4-en-3-one) in a sublingal (sp?) tab? Clostebol is testosterone with an added cholro group at the 4- position so it can not covert to DHT or estrogen.

  6. Okay I made a mistake. You are talking about oral Turnibol. This steroid has been off the market for years. ** has it because the Chineese just started producing the raw's again. Go to for a profile on OT.

  7. i think u get oral turinabol dont u ? i saw size from say he was gonna use it in his next cycle ....


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