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  • Test+Tren for 10 weeks

    6 54.55%
  • Gh for 5 months

    5 45.45%
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Test+Tren VS GH for fatloss

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  1. Test+Tren VS GH for fatloss

    I need to choose between 4iu's eod for 5 months or a 10 week cycle of 100-150mg of tren eod and 200mg of prop eod along with 75mg proviron and .5mg cabergoline twice a week and 250iu's hcg twice weekly throughout. I wanna a good 20lbs of fat, i know diet is THE MOST IMPORTANT but with a good diet which would be more effective?

  2. I'm not sure about fat loss but would have thought the tren and test would stop muscle loss much better while dieting

  3. I think the difference is pretty much whether you wanna do it over the long haul vs doing it in a quicker period.

    If you just want to cut, go with the tren/test. GH has alot more benefits other than just fat loss, but can be quite expensive. Also, with your age, i dont think you'll get the same benefits that someone who is older would get.

    So, IMO, i would just stick with the test/tren.

  4. what would you guess your fat percentage at? I think I heard you say you were 276lbs or something.

    I personally would just stick with a good clean diet (CKD) and accompany some A.A.S along with it.

  5. I've encountered this dilema myself. The most attractive thing being that I could cut calories big time and preserve more muscle but think about this before you do it. I think you could drop 20lbs easily using proper carb cycling and some natural support like Alpha drive, Powerfull, etc. It's just my opinion but I still can't knock the idea into my head of starting anabolics in order to lose weight.

  6. If i were you bro id go with test/tren/winny. That will get you ripped if ur diets in order, and ull get stronger, look bigger and can still have fun while ur at it!

    Thats just my take though!
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  7. Rage i'm cutting naturally right now on: Powerfull, Cialabol, Rem, Excell, Animal Pak and Focus XT, i'm cutting naturally for 10 weeks followed by either 10 weeks of a steroid cycle or 5 months of gh. I think i may include either halotestin or anavar into my cycle i'd like to try em and i know halotestin would be great for added aggression while dieting, and anavar would be great for it's ability to strip the fat off you really well, who knows maybe i'll start with halo and finish with var we'll see.

  8. My opinion:
    Test and Tren, if you are committed to run strictly a cutting cycle.
    GH, for recomposition.

    depends on your goals and what your body fat currently is.

    I personally think, though it varies depending on your body type and metabolic rate, Test + Aromasin and Cardio is a great recomp. If you were to add T3 or HGH, I think you would be pretty lean - pretty quickly. I am always tempted to hit up some GH for my leg injury and fat loss, but it's not worth the $ (my opinion) unless you are using it yearround and blasting/tapering your anabolics around it. Using HGH without anabolic isn't worthless.. But I would definitely want to being 'on-cycle' when using HGH. GH is probably the ultimate recomp but a 4 month period strickly devoted to cutting would be frustrating to me.. but I don't compete and have no intentions of doing so.

    I ate 5000-5200 calories ED with Tren/Prop and stayed the same bodyweight and lost fat. A true cutting cycle with Tren would be awesome.

  9. Ya i'm going with the Test+Tren+Halo I wanna shed some serious fat like 20lbs, i got my body comp done like 2 weeks ago and I was a little shocked to say the least. But now I know how much fat i've gotta lose to be as cut as i wanna be. Then the real fun can happen i can bulk

  10. how about test/tren with igf-1 the first 4 weeks and the last 2 weeks of cycle and first two weeks of pct.

  11. Change of plans,

    Weeks 1-18 825mg Andropen 275
    Weeks 1-10 450mg Tren Acetate
    Weeks 10-18 60mg Anavar
    Weeks 1-12 100mcg Clenbuterol/ketotifen
    Weeks 20-26 40mcg Igf-1

    I haven't started this yet as i'm still getting some good results naturally with Yellow Gold+REm+Alpha Drive+PowerFUll+Clen. If i can afford it i'll add in 40mcg of IGF-1 during my cycle as well. I'm currently 274lbs but my i'm significantly leaner now

  12. why why why are you going to use so much tren? ... 350mg a week of ace is PLENTY you're just going to experience more sides honestly

    if you're cutting you really don't need that much gear ... personally i would cut on 100mg eod prop and 100mg eod tren ... if you want some more test i understand but you certainly don't need more than 150mg eod

  13. That much tren, and I would probably go postal on myself.

    That much clen, and I would probably find work as Michael J Foxes standin.
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  14. Glen we'll see how things go, i know i've seen you mention before about not needing more than 500mg of test and do on, BUT that is your opinion and what works best for you. Also take into account the fact that your a smaller guy than i am, for my first cycle alone i had to bump the test E up to 750mg, i was already up over 250lbs naturally at a decent bf % so i do know how to eat, my body just needed more. So i'm going to keep my cycle as it is and if i find the sides are too much for me i'll start lowering my dose of Tren.

  15. I voted for test and tren. If you're in your 20's dont bother with GH uless you're prepping for a show. As far as the tren, 450 is a lot, but if you have experience then go ahead with what works for you. Remember though, 450 of acetate is about as potent as 600 of enan. The shorter ester gives you more bang for your buck. Also, you might need ED shots of acetate depending on how the sides hit you so keep that in mind.

    For the life of me I never understood how tren and winstrol came to be used together. Yes, it makes your muscles very very hard and dense, but tren makes you very very strong and winny takes a giant dump on your joints. Personally, I don't have the discipline to train light if I have the strength to go heavier, which when on tren and winny translates in to lots of joint pain. I dont use winny anymore. I've fallen in love all over again, and her name is Masteron...

    (god that was gay...sorry dudes) Masteron is good stuff though if used properly. Has similar usage indications as winstrol (dry gains, helps density and attaining that "grainy" appearance), and has the added benefit of binding to SHBG and is also less harsh on lipids and liver.

  16. i wasn't talking about the test chaps .. just the tren .. ask those who have used that much and they'll tell you its no better than 350mg a week in terms of gains and much worse in terms of sides

  17. Glenihan: Ya i'm starting to think i may go with 75mg eod and then slowly up it to see how i handle it.

    Rocky82: I do intend on competing in the very near future this cycle is geared towards helping me get very lean. I'm an endo-mesomorph and GH sounds like it would be a godsend. Also would Masteron be a better choice than anavar? I could save myself some cash. Right now i'm pretty much doing like a mock contest prep seeing how my body reacts to different dieting strategies n such, i want to get to sub 10% bf then switch over to bulking and use the rebound effect to pack on more mass. Then i'll cut down again and compete.

  18. I'm the wrong person to ask about anavar. I've tried it a few times, both with prescription oxandralone and BD Oxanabol with crappy results. My diet was in check and I got a little more defined but not worth the money at all. As far as masteron goes, it's important to keep in mind what it's used for and not to be disappointed if you dont "see" results. You need to be very lean (8-10% at the most) to see its effects. I'm personally experimenting with using Superdrol instead of Masteron during the offseason to see how it compares. The more research i do it's becomming obvious to me that superdrol is little more than oral Masteron. Now this is not 100% true as the methylation to drostanalone (while making it orally bioavailable) changes it's effects, but its pretty darn close.

    As far as the GH is concerned, you said you were 6'2"?? This means your body produced (during puberty) and is still producing plenty of natural GH. If you're an endo-meso by nature, this reflects (in a crude way) your body's means of utilizing the GH (and also your production/utilization/resistance to insulin). Trust me, you dont need to waste the $$ on GH. Wait until you're in your 30's and 40's and have tons of mass built up from years of training. Then you can REALLY see and feel the effects of exogenous GH.

    That's just my opinion of course, take it for what it's worth.

  19. Hmmmm, so if i was to use Masteron instead of Anavar not for the hardening effects just to aid in fatloss what dose would u suggest? That's an interesting that u mentioned insulin resistance with me as i'm finding that insulin sensitizing supplements are having the BIGGEST impact on my phsique over anything else. Yellow Gold+Cialabol is my godsend .

  20. TEST & TREN!!! It's not even close.
    Maybe if you had the cawh you could add GH at 4IU per day-kind of like iceing on the cake. But you need the cake, (Which is the Test & Tren) before you can add iceing! (GH)

    To get big and lean few things compare to Test & Tren. Masteron is okay, and Anavar is said or shown in studies to attack abdominal fat-but really at it's cost it's not even comparable to Test & Tren as far as the benfits to cost go...

  21. GH solo at your age i dunno.... As well as the price and not to mention the time period of 5months.

    This was an easy one, Test Tren.....with anavar. Its used for muscle wasting diseases and such so i would think that it is awesome for keeping, gaining slowly, and maintaining strength while taking in less calories during a cut.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    GH solo at your age i dunno.... As well as the price and not to mention the time period of 5months.

    This was an easy one, Test Tren.....with anavar. Its used for muscle wasting diseases and such so i would think that it is awesome for keeping, gaining slowly, and maintaining strength while taking in less calories during a cut.
    Hey Pump,

    Are you saying they prescribe tren/test for medical purposes? I never knew that. Could you post any kind of pub med study? I would like to know who and how much they used for successful trials.
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    Hey Pump,

    Are you saying they prescribe tren/test for medical purposes? I never knew that. Could you post any kind of pub med study? I would like to know who and how much they used for successful trials.
    I was referring to Anavar....

  24. i know its not one of your choices but id say to run 5 months of igf lr3 and throw in some test and clen;If you want to go the peptide route. seeing someone having very good results with this at my gym.

  25. I haven't started yet i picked up some Camphibolic, DCP, Lipo-derm Ultra, and Yohimbine HCL caps, and i'm stacking them all minus the Lipo, with Clen+Ketotifen right now and i'm shedding some serious chub. I'll be starting my cycle in 2 weeks i believe, i'm really happy with the progess i'm making naturally, godbless supplements and a low carb diet . What's good about this is that i'm going to reach my goal faster and i can up calories more to put on more mass, muahahahah. Oh and when on cycle i'll only have 20 days left of my Clen+Ketotifen so i'll be picking up some T4 and trying that out.


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