6 weeks of 1AD-4diol, looking for input on next cycle & time off needed

  1. 6 weeks of 1AD-4diol, looking for input on next cycle & time off needed

    I haven't even started my current cycle of 1-AD 4-diol yet. When I have the proper time/diet/training partner I will. I have the time, but no partner or gym for that matter. The diet will be sound by the weekends end. I will have over 10 different meals each for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks when I have the need to eat more. (6-8 meals a day including pre and post workout shakes)

    Just a little info you might want.
    6 weeks of 1-AD 200mg x 3 (600mg day)
    6 weeks Avant Labs 4ADerm 4diol 6 squirts x 3 a day = 600mg

    Post cycle will be 2 bottles of 6oxo w/ Clomid and Nolvadex on hand. I will use the Clomid and Nolvadex if my nuts are shrunk and all the other fun side effects that can occur.

    I was planning to do a cycle of clenbuterol rather soon after the 6oxo / post cycle recovery. These are my questions:

    Should I wait any time months before I use the clen? Could my gains be hindered?

    The juices doses is time on = time off, so I only have to wait 6 more weeks after my cycle to start up again? What about if I cycle the clen for 3 weeks?

    Should I try a different andro all together next cycle so my body isnít use to the 1-ad/4diol (this is assuming I am happy with the results)

    Look foward from some answers from the pros! Thanks

  2. 1. IMO you don't have to wait too long to use Clen as long as your Blood Pressure is normal. You can also use Clen as an anti-catabolic after your cycle.
    2. Yes you can do another cycle after you've been off as for the same amount of time you were on, but IMO it's better to be off a little longer (about 10-12 weeks) because if you wait a little longer than you may respond a little better
    3. You can use another Andro such as T-1 Pro after this cycle, it has a 2:1 ratio of 1-Test to 4-AD

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