help... horrible joint pains (MTRN/MZOL/HMAX)

  1. help... horrible joint pains (MTRN/MZOL/HMAX)

    I'm getting these unbareable joint pains and I need to figure out what's causing it. They hurt to the point that I just curl up into a ball and shake back and forth (now I know how women feel when they cramp). It's only in my left ankle, nowhere else, everything else is golden and I haven't done anything to injure myself at all in the last few months. Here is what I'm taking and what I think about it in relation to the pain... Now I know why you're not supposed to introduce more than one new substance at a time into your body, bleh.

    DNP 400-600mg - Been taking it for almost 3 weeks now. Been fine on it. I barely feel it, except for the heat, so I don't think that this is it.

    HMAX 50mg - Been taking it for about a week, only 50mg. I actually think they're sugar pills, so I don't think this is it.

    MTRN 4mg - Taking it for 3 days now. Haven't read anything about it causing joint pain, but this is the only one out of HMAX/MTRN/MZOL that should show any sides within only 3 days.

    MZOL 200mg - Taking it for 3 days now... This would be the likely culprit to dry out one's joints. However, from what I've read, users have felt diddly squat from this in the first few weeks. I'd also imagine all my joints would feel dry, not just my left ankle.

    Taking all the support supps, except for joints (stupid me). Just ordered some AI Cycle Support, so hopefully that'll help.

    Diagnosis anyone?

  2. *I may be full of it, buy ill try to be accurate*
    Free radicals are produced by your cells, they can build up in your system, especially where liver damage or dysfunction occurs. Free radicals more specifically build up in your joints when your liver and or body is unable to clear them. they may of may not be more of a problem when heavy lifting is done and no cool down ie. ride bike, is performed afterwards.
    Green tea, white tea, coq10, pycogenol, milk thislte are all usefull to you for antioxidant and liver reasons.

    are you?
    A) training heavy them leaving the gym?
    B)taking any antioxidants?
    c) taking milk thistle including the 30 days before your cycle?
    d)on any anti estrogens currently?
    e) taking in sufficient bcaa's and efa's?
    f) do you take- cissus,msm,chondrointin,glucos amine?
    g)how long have you lifted before you cycled?
    h) do you have any experience with these compounds?
    i)how long ago was your last cycle?
    j)jayhawk? lol

  3. a) Not too heavy... moderate weights at slow tempo
    b) Yep, vit c, milk thistle, ala
    c) yes and no... 15 days, took a short break, then about 2 weeks
    d) nope. when I was on RXT I never got joint pains this bad
    e) not sufficient enough will work on that
    f) nope. going to grab some glucosamine though

  4. Id get more antioxidants, grunt76 suggested apple cider vinegar and its workin good for me, definetley get those bcaa's and efa's, i mean your cycling this time its crucial.
    clucosamine is not nearly as effective as lets say NOW brands joint formula which has MSM and chondrointin combos.

  5. Bro, those are all "dry" compounds and that could be the culprit of your pain. Cissus might be a wise investment as I doubt that the Cycle Support will help this (although I would consider it a must while on cycle, so not a bad purchase at all).



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