I'm 23 years old, 5'10'', and 190 lbs. I have had past experience with a tren/M1T stack that was amazing!! I know some of you hate M1T, but I loved the stuff.

Currently, I am researching the synergy associated with Tren and Boldenone (Equious I think is another name?)

I have honestly done a few searches and refined over and over and over again to look for any logs on this subject. All I seem to get are the people asking if they will get gyno from tren (and the answer is no, incase you were wondering) or newbies with 10 rep points asking if it is a good idea to run this cycle.

All I want is some input from those with experience. If there is none, then I'll just have to rely on my research. I just wanted to know the results of such a lean-bulking cycle such as this one.

Again, I did do several searches and hate when people don't look before they post. No preaching, please. If I overlooked something, I apologize for the repitative question.