How long before ZOL and TRN kick in?

  1. How long before ZOL and TRN kick in?

    To everyone who's run ZOL/TRN, about how long does it take until you start feeling either/both of them working?

  2. you wont actually SEE the results until about 2 weeks in.

  3. No idea on zol but trn about 2weeks seems right.

  4. Maybe never!

  5. Don't make me kick your ass again, Basso!

  6. Never's a really long time... sounds like a muscletech product

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Don't make me kick your ass again, Basso!
    But it's the truth for some so the possiblity exists however unlikely that he is a non-reponder. I'm just trying to set him up for success! BTW next time you kick my ass please wear different shoes.
    I don't think that you really "feel" these products so much as see the effects, i.e. strength gains, recomp, etc.

  8. Could be a nonresponder, true. The effects were more in sense of seeing changes than feeling anything.
  9. bleh

    if nothing after 2-3 weeks, I'll just go on superdrol again for the end of my cut

  10. Never really saw anything from zol besides staying lean , but didnt get any leaner. Trn for me started on day 3.
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