any Mag10 users???

  1. any Mag10 users???

    I am looking to use this and wondered how many others have used it.


    Would you stack this with some Ergo Norandro spray ?


  2. Much cheaper to buy transdermals, but if you already bought it take 2doses a day and it's a pretty good product. Just real expensive.

  3. thanks, yeah I have two bottles of the stuff. Got 'em for $59/ea at a local shop here in chicago. Also, have some ergo 1-ad and the spray....

    will probably try the 1-ad first though.

  4. Have never used Mag-10. As stated above, very expensive. There are cheaper and possibly more effective alternatives. I have used Ergo's 1-AD and can recommend it. Also agree with Pykee that transdermals are the way to go. I'd buy BDC's new T-1 product next time around. Priced reasonably.

  5. yup looking to buy some T-1 pro also. Just to have some to try and if these things get banned.

    probably should buy some of that bulk powder from 1fast.

  6. If you already have 2 bottles then just do a 2 week cycle of the mag10 at 2 doses a day, 2 weeks off with something to recover, then start the 1ad. Before I stumbled on this site I bought 4bottles for $45 each, but I haven't used em yet and am lookin at doin a 4week cycle. I did a 2 week cycle last year and had good results.

  7. John Benz swears by the stuff. So it must be good.

  8. Mag-10 is very potent taken 2 doses per day. I would recommend T-1 Pro as my first choice, however. Mag-10 is available at about $54 from dps. Great product, and more convenient, but the best transdermals have the edge as far as efficiency. I have used both.

    With Mag-10, you don't need norandro-spray.

  9. I agree with Benz...and have used this before. But since using BDC's T-gel with some 1-test from 1fast, that is my ph of choice. never used t1 but given bdc's quality i'd recommend that as well.

  10. I am on 1-AD right now and recently bought some T-1PRO. Have a few bottles of MAG10 sitting around for my next cycle.

    1fast has some 12g mix of the stuff for $100. I will need to add some 4ad though.

  11. Originally posted by John Benz
    product, and more convenient, but the best transdermals have the edge as far as efficiency......

    Agree entirely. I went through about 6 bottles of mag 10.....then tren-x......finally homebrew. Mag 10 is a good product and convenient. I only wish transdermals could be so convenient.

    Another note, transdermals will have less liver implications as your are bypassing first pass metabolism.


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