My Cypionate is about to expire - how long until I dump it?

  1. My Cypionate is about to expire - how long until I dump it?

    I have two 10cc 300mg/cc bottles of Cypionate left - but they expire February of 2007.. About how long after the date can I use them? Or is February it?


  2. Shoot it all right now all at once. That's the only option I see.

  3. Thank you. I've followed your advice and have injected all 20ml's (6000mg's) of Cypionate into my buttocks...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Zero Tolerance
    Thank you. I've followed your advice and have injected all 20ml's (6000mg's) of Cypionate into my buttocks...
    Lucky! I'm not sure of the answer for you, but I'll see if I can find something on here about that for you (my wife is passed out and I'm bored...)

  5. lol In one gigantic shot, lol. Send em here, lol. I'd use em asap i've heard that the potentcy will decline.

  6. I'm figuring that the potency will decline - I'm just curious about "how fast". If it'll be 90% potent 6 months from now - than I'm not worried. If it'll be 50% potent one month after expiration, then I'm kinda upset..

  7. can you not use that much by february?

  8. Well, I've been taking 300mg a week for 6 weeks now.. I know that's a low dose but I was basically trying to see how I'd feel because, in the past, I've had prostate trouble with testosterones. Fortunately, I'm not having any problems. I also thought I was prone to male pattern baldness (my hair isn't exactly thick - but if it stays the way it is, I'm very happy) - and I don't seem to be thinning (at least I don't think).

    My only dilemma about adding More is - this stuff hurts like hell for almost a week after I shoot it. I won't try my delts because I won't be able to lift my arms. I won't try my bi's because I won't be able to bend my arms. Whatever is in this stuff - (BA or whatever) - it's very harsh. I guess I have a bad batch. But if I shoot this stuff in both sides of my glutes or upper legs, I'll be limping all over the place.

    So.. That's why I won't be able to use that much by February. I figured I'd use it all with my next cycle of 200-300mg of Deca and 450mg of Cypionate Feb/Mar/Apr...

  9. Bump that cyp to 600mg's for your next cycle, dude. Especially if you go with 300mg's of deca. You'll be happy you did from what I've heard.

  10. I'd like to, but if I did, I'd be crippled most of the cycle.. I think if I put a whole 2ml into anywhere, I'd be bed-ridden. As bad as 1ml is, I'm afraid to put two! And if I shoot in two spots - well - same difference. I'd be bed-ridden. I hope the next batch I get isn't like this...

  11. try dilluting it with more oil. the stuff is 300mg/ wonder why its stiff. make it 200mg/cc. you can use either ethyl oleate or oil. maybe even refilter it with a .2 syringe filter.

  12. Thank you. I just diluted my Cypionate with Mobil One Synthetic 20w50 and it's much smoother now. This is probably a stupid question but where does one get ethyl oleate or oil?

    And refiltering.. That's also new to me.. Where can I read up on how to do that?

    Also.. So I'm guessing that 400mg in 2cc would be less painful than 300mg in 1cc?

    Thanks again...

  13. i dont know if i can say where to get the stuff directly without going against board rules. check out some of the board sponsors.

    as for the refiltering, you just need the .2 syringe filter and a new sterile vial. suck up the gear in a 20cc syringe, stick a 20g needle in the new vial to vent it, and attach a 20g needle to your syringe filter, and attach that to your 20cc syringe. just run it through into the new vial. your gear has now been refiltered. (do this after dilluting it). since your gear is already filtered it should easily run 50-60cc through a .2 syringe filter. make sure you buy the whatman brand!

    yes, [email protected] will be less painful than [email protected]

  14. Thank you very much, Mr. Anabolic Guru.. Now - would you have any idea about my original question in this thread? About the expiration?

  15. i would say one february hits you have about a month before the product begins to degrade rather quickly. as most have said, use it now or dump it after the date.

  16. Okay, thank you. I guess I'll be doing a BIG Deca/Cypionate cycle after the new year. 300lbs here I come...


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