Time for test to kick in

  1. Time for test to kick in

    One question i always had, but have been unable to find an enswer to is why does something like test e take 4-5 weeks to start "kicking in" and seeing results. If one was to run a mild cycle of 10weeks then why are those first 4-5 weeks basically without effect. Are other steroids (beside orals such as d-bol) have such a long latency period before they excert their action on anabolism? what i'm trying to ask is during the first half of the cycle do you see any results or indication of that extra testosterone in your body? From all that i've read the answer seems to be no. I understand that the long half life of these long chain esters of testosterone do take a while to be broken down and be released in it's active form in the body, and i know that it takes some time to reach a stable blood level of the test, but there still is an increase in the amount of test in the body so shouldn';t ti's effects be evident after only a week or so?

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    its because of the ester. Alot of guys doing the 10 week cycles will frontload with prop to get things started. If you are looking for fast acting gear, look towards the props. Cyp and Enan are long esters.

  3. ^^ if you use Prop, it's not a frontload by definition.


    Active life and half life can prove to be different regardless.

    boti, you have the main idea I think... You will notice secondary characteristics from the Test earlier on anyways... oily skin, libido.. these things will show before you notice something in the gym. Different strokes for different folks.. some earlier, some later.... but you seem to have the basic understanding, or at least what most believe.
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    i guess i should choose my wording a bit better, the correct word would be "jump start"

    Thanks Ubi.

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