Pros and Synth.

  1. Pros and Synth.

    I was just wondering if anyone knows of pro-bodybuilders who use syntherol or site enhancing oils. I know you cant really tell if it is done right but what do you guys think, do O competetors use it?

  2. Oh god ya, Flex Wheeler owned up to using it in his bi's and they looked normal, i think everyone in the top 10 at the olympia is using or has used Synthol, just some botch it.

  3. I believe gregg valentino found a place you can buy it in 55 gallon drums

  4. I got some in an order from a board sponsor, they were giving it away for free as a special they were running when you spent like $100 or more.

    I really don't know wht to do with it. Honestly I don't compete and even if I did Greg Valentino has me scared to death of the stuff.

  5. if used properly you can't tell at all .. it stretches the muscle fascia and when used in a HIGHLY anabolic environment allows for much more growth

  6. Ruhls biceps look like they have been "synthed". Or some crazy genetics...I guess all of the Olympia contestants use it but you cant be sure.

  7. Ya Ruhl for sure, i bet Ronnie uses in his biceps and calfs. You can use it just about everywhere, Ruhl could have even used it in his chest.

  8. i think it was said that 5 of the top 10 olympia finisher used it, and none of them is obvious except for ruhl, only because youif compare the shape of his bicep today to pictures of when he was younger and it has completly changed.

  9. I think the bicep would be the first spot people would look for so they can get an insane peak, kinda like mine hhahaha jk. Ruhl has got an enormous chest. I would like to think it was without synth but if its from a combination of synth too then thats dissappointing. guess well never know...

  10. With or without it's still freaky as hell and looks insane, i'd love have have a chest that big. I think if they do it properly then more power to em, I intend on using it in the future to balance out symmetry once i reach my ideal size.

  11. I don't think it would be that hard to properly do the injections. Just the pecs are hard to do because you have to divide it into about 3 sections up and down and 3 sections left and right? Is that correct?

    Damn synthol is confusing.

  12. To me synthol is the opposite direction i want to go, ive learned that cutting corners dont help in the long run.
    But id wear shorts alot more if someone hit my calves with a few inj. lol.

  13. Indeed. I saw a guy that got calf implants and spent 5k on it on MTV. I woulda taken 2k and given him synthol injections for a month! HELL YEAH!! I'd be rolling in the dough...

    Come to think of it... That sounds like a damn good business....

  14. Yep for chest it's 9 injections per pec EVERYDAY, ouchy. And i just see it as another tool in the bodybuilders war chest.


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