Mega H from generic labs

  1. Mega H from generic labs

    Has anyone herd of of Mega H from generic labs?
    sounds to me like pre-curser to superdrol since superdrol has been discontinued, and now very price$$$$'y

  2. What would lead you to believe it's a precursor to superdrol? It's actually a Halodrol-50 clone. A simple search would have revealed this fact.

  3. well... what do u think of it or hav u not tried it?

  4. Never tried it myself but I trust Genericlabz and I've read a couple logs with it and it looks legit. I stocked up on some HMAX a while back but if I knew genericlabz was coming out with mega-h I would have bought that.

  5. im taking mega TRN right now i will let u know how that treats me. its a leaner mass gain and ph strength builder.

  6. I'm on TRN now also. 21 days into it. 4mg/6mg/6mg/6mg
    I'm stacking it with PP 0/0/10mg/20mg/20mg/30mg.

  7. PP what is that

  8. wat week did u start that?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by smthcrmnal26
    PP what is that
    Phera Plex

  10. Third week. 4th and 5th week I will run it at 20mg and 6th week I will run it at 30mg. I'm stoping the TRN after this week. and continue to run the PP solo.

  11. Stacking Phera-Plex
    Rest assured, 2-eneTM works very well on its own, however, the androgenic side effects make it undesirable to run for the length of what many consider a full cycle. So what can it be stacked with? Using Phera-Plex in conjunction with anything even moderately androgenic would make the side effects worse to the point of being unbearable. So that rules out quite a few stacking possibilities. Substances which are androgenic can be run in a cycle prior or subsequent the use of 2-eneTM of course, but if there is to be any overlap, nothing will stack better with Phera-Plex than Superdrol , and this is because of its incredible anabolic to androgenic ratio.


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