meth 1 test?

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    meth 1 test?


    ok my roomate and i have been lifting for quite some time, he recently got off this supplement called meth 1 alpha, he claims it was the best thing hes ever taken, and he had huge mass gains, this is true from what ive seen. I on the other hand have stuck to my regular creatine. However he recently suggested that we both order, and take this stuff called meth 1 test, a ph-supplement and some similar **** called "1 test" which i read the ingredients for and it said soemthing about 1ad and 1 test. truthfully i know nothing about supplements in general, and especially pro hormones. So i guess my real question is can anyone help me with some information about these ph's and perhaps provide me with any suggestions about a ph that i should consider taking instead?

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