Methylcobalamin IM INJ

  1. Methylcobalamin IM INJ

    I IM Injected my Lab monkey in the deltoid with 1ml/1cc or 1000mcg of Methylcobalamin. My lab monkey experienced the following : Brighter colors, Lightheadedness?, increased appetite, and only a slightly added amount of endurance for sprinting.

    Could my lab monkey receive greater effects from Methylcobalamin if I had injected him in a different area or with a greater amount? I figured at 1000mcg that would be sufficient for an energy burst.

    Lab Monkey's Stats
    Weight : 190
    BF % : 10%
    Height : 6'0"

  2. that is a bigg ass monkey

  3. Quote Originally Posted by I-Vtec
    that is a bigg ass monkey

    I train my lab monkeys to be super killers.

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