hcg post cycle a no-no

  1. hcg post cycle a no-no

    my source got me my hcg after a waiting period, but my cycle has ended. i know u shouldnt use that during post cycle, from my understanding. but i was going to save it for later use. the question comes as how do i store it. i have the bacteriostatic water and i also have the hcg in seperate vials. do i still need to refrigerate them at this time? as of right now they are in my fridge while my roomates are away. but could i store them in my room somewhere and be safe, i just thought that if they arent mixed together that i wouldnt have to keep them refridgerated.
    thanks for th input

  2. you don't need to keep HCG in the fridge until its been reconstituted .. keeping the powder hcg at room temp is fine

  3. if its unconstituted you can let it sit at room temperature. When you reconsititute it you need to store it in either a very cool place away from sunlight or the fridge, NOT the freezer. The fridge is prefferable but if you will end up using up the vial within 2 weeks it should be ok in the proverbial "cool dark place".

  4. thats what i thought too. i still have to reconstitute them, so i figured i could store it in my room somewhere. i was just confused because it came to me in a container with ice. thanks for the reassurance guys

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