T-1Pro and liquid clenbutrx

  1. T-1Pro and liquid clenbutrx

    Right now I am currently in Iraq with no gym or anything of the sorts,ugh. Any ways when I get back I am sure I will have lost some muscle and definately have gained some unwanted flab. So I am looking to loose the flab and gain back what muscle I lost. So would it be o.k. to stack liquid clenbutrx with T-1 pro? Should I see good results? I already know about post cycle and all of that just wondering what your opinions would be.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. You can, but watch your blood pressure.

  3. Do you have perhaps a better recomendation for me.

  4. You can use the Clenbutrez after your cycle as an anti catabolic at 30-40 mg. of Ephedra, or use it for cutting later on.

  5. Cool thank you for the opinion I will consider that option.



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