Anyone wanna take a guess?

  1. Anyone wanna take a guess?

    Stronger Than Superdrol And Pheraplex... - Mind and Muscle Forums

    Figured I'd post this over here, since am gets more exposure then over at m&m.

  2. Read the post....Guess I am missing something.. I did not see a link to anything.. Or are you just asking if there is such a thing ?

  3. Yeah I should've been more clear, this seems to good to be true. I just wanted to get someones opinion who is more experianced in this realm.

  4. dsade has something up his sleeve...and not just his arm

  5. Reading his posts makes my head hurt.

  6. MENT is the only thing i could think of...but it will have more sides than both SD and PP. SD really is the sh1t in terms of low apparent sides. the health detriment is certainly there, with crushed HDL and elevated liver enzymes, but geez, you get that with anavar. might as well make it worth it.

  7. This is interesting as there is a need for such a new compound.

  8. Yes, I would imagine that it is possible. There are essentially an unlimited number of potential designer steroids.....many of which will be dangerous or ineffective (or both) but there are bound to be effective ones with reasonably acceptable safety profiles. However, under the current regulatory climate, the economics of bringing one to market aren't very favorable.


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