Test with Dutast for prostate protection?

  1. Test with Dutast for prostate protection?

    When ever I run test it bothers my prostate, I've tried poscar and it didn't help much. But since Dutast is suppose to block almost all DHT I was thinking Dutast might solve my problem. But I was wondering if test itself is known to agitate the prostate? I don't want to put together a cycle until I feel confident my cycle won't bother me.

  2. weird that proscar didnt help enough - are you sure it was prostate? i am on test w/ dutasteride now and it's great - very few androgenic sides (no acne, hairloss, aggression) but the vast majority of the anabolism and libido and good things.

    i believe DHT is what aggravates the prostate, not test...but i'd have to check more w/ pubmed.

    have you tried saw palmetto?

  3. Hey guys,
    badBart, I came across your postin g while doing a google search for Dutast. I am on my third cycle now, after taking almost 2 years off. I am runnign just Sustanon 250 EOD. On my last cycle of Prop and Deca, I developed BPH. I had to go ge tthe dreaded rectal exam, not cool, but doc told me it was large, gave me some antibiotics, and back to business. I am now unavailable to just go to the doc as I am on active miltiary duty now. I ordered Dutast along with my clomid and nolva and plan on taking it as soon as it arrives. My research tells me (.5mg/ml ED) I am on my second week of cycle. Same_old is right, BPH is caused from DHT, but DHT is hightened from too much test. Long story short, yes it is common, but like every old age adage, everyone on here is affected differently. I would love to hear how the Dutast works for you. Good luck guys.

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