1, 4 andro?

  1. 1, 4 andro?

    does anyone know the blood half life of 1,4 andro. i'm considering it for topical. the reason is that i am already going to be appling a topical, so conveinence of oral is not an issue. i figure that if oral absortion is around 43% and topical is 35-40%, i can make up the diference with topical's steady and constant release.

  2. Don't recall ever seeing a solid number on this, but I would *guess* that the half-life is rather short, as Bill L. has often posted in the past that oral dosing should be at least 4 times per day for best results, and 6 times per day is even better. That is talking about the dione, of course, which is his product, Boldione.

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