Transdermal Nandrolone & Boldenone ?

  1. Transdermal Nandrolone & Boldenone ?

    What do you guys think. I know it sounds stupid but the powders are cheap so the "waste" is not a big deal... If I just even to make sure said the transdermal would supply 30% of the applied(Just to make sure hehehe) what do you guys think the daily dosages would be.. Normally DECA woul dbe 200mg/week and the eq 50mg EOD.. So applying 100mg/day of the nandrolone woul dgive you 210mg/week absorbed..So what do you guys think. Will applying it daily get the same effect as pinning with the ester?

    PS These would be bases no ester in the transdermal.. TTY

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  2. I have deca dermal right now. I am looking forward to using it.

  3. What will you be runnig it at WW7. Is it base? Talkto ya

    PS You baby to afraid to pin eh... hehehe j/k
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  4. I dont have the dosages right in front of me, I will hit you back when I get home. Naw, I don't care about pinning, just a matter of time my friend.

  5. I got nandrolone base transdermal as well...

    No details here, though..

  6. Along those lines, I am getting 25g each of boldenone base and test base. Anybody tried that combo transdermally and how much mg/ml do you think you can get with the standard transdermal formula?


  7. I have deca no base and it is a oil and not a powder. Wouldn't that be the case as well here?

    Back in the day I have run deca at 600mg/wk with test no ester at 750mg/wk using plo gel in a 12 week cycle and had very good results before. I gained 19lbs and kept 14lbs of it.


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