Newbie Please Help!!!

  1. Newbie Please Help!!!

    As of right now I am 22 years old (my 23rd bday is tomorrow) anyhow, I am 5'11 and weigh 182lbs. I THINK I am right around 8-10%BF. I would consider myself to be a meso-endomorph.
    To get to my point, I am considering taking something.... I want to get big quick, lean, and safe.... Probably an impossible combination, but what would you guys recomend? I honestly do not have much knowledge on this, and was wondering what you guys thought? I was considering taking Mega TRN and posted a thread, but didnt get too much feedback.
    So if you get a chance help a brother out, I mean its my birthday come on!!!

  2. Happy birthday.

  3. M-Trn is a great compound & would help a lot in the strength department. Personally, if you're going to take the oral route, I would go with Superdrol solo, specially if you have no anabolic use in your record. If you want to go injectables, I'd say Test E would be a good first cycle, but it might be too long for your taste. Maybe go with Test Prop if you don't mind the ed or eod pinning. 8 weeks of that & you should be pretty golden.

    I'm a week in with Test Prop & Tren Ace & I'm already seeing better results than I ever have with any oral cycle I've done.

  4. There are literally hundreds of suggestions people can through out here but if you don't read, understand, and thoroughly research what you are doing you are not only setting yourself up for failure but also to get hurt. Good luck.

  5. research for a good 6 months to a year .. i researched for 1.5 years before i took anything

    its very important YOU understand what chemicals/exogenous hormones you are putting in your body and what their effects are .. not just listening to others

    it sounds like you still have a lot of room for natural growth .. btw i'm 10% in my avatar to give you an idea

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    the only thing that worries me, is you said you want to get big "quick". using gear to accomplish this is the wrong reason IMO. Post up your diet and lets see if we can help you out there before you start taking anything.

  7. thaks for the good advice so far guys! and for the happy birthday! Ok well Glenihan, I guess I don't have 10%. I think if thats what you are then im probably around 15%. The Shocker, suggsted that im between 8-10%.
    When I said that I want to get the results quick, its more that I don't want to put on a lot of water weight. I would like to stay as lean as possible. Thats why I was considering Mega TRN. Thanks for all the help so far guys. Any recomendations on where to get all the right resurch for all this stuff?

    Here is my new and improved diet. This is my second week on it, my diet for the previous week was similar, but less carbs. Mainly it was more whole wheat sandwiches

    Meal 1: 1.5cups of oats. 30g whey protein. 18 grapes

    Meal 2: 1.5cups of brown rice. 1 chicken breast. 1 cup of broceli

    Meal 3: 1.5cups of brown rice. 1 can of tuna. 1 cup of broceli

    Meal 4: 5-8oz of lean ground turkey (7% fat), 1 cup of yams

    Meal 5: talipa fish, 1 cup of spinich, 1 slice of whole wheat bread w/ natty peanut butter

    Meal 6: top serloin steak, salad w/ cucumbers and baby carrots 2 tbsp oil, 2 tbsp of vinegar.

  8. sounds yummy.... i might have to try that out for a while

  9. superdrol is supposed to be the best if you want to get bigger, yet stay leaner at the same time. phera-plex causes some bloat i hear, but hal50 is a good leaner with size gains too

  10. i don't know if you are still monatioring this.....but i'm going to start my fisrt cycle too....and i like the "get as much info as possible approach" this was first opened in sept. what have you done since? learned anything meaningfull? what did you take in the end...i'm a noobie as you were let me know from your experience...thx


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