First time cutting cycle

  1. First time cutting cycle

    I'm just finishing my second cycle of superdrol, had great results. I'm 33, 205lbs, experienced lifter. Other than the SD, I haven't done any gear but would like to amp it up next go round. I'd like to maintain my current weight but get super ripped. Other than pro-hormones, I'm fairly ignorant about gear, so would love some advice about what to reseach and any suggestions you can make.

  2. Search for test prop and winny (winstrol). You could do a short cycle of those two for a good cut. Just remember though, your diet will dictate whether your cutting or bulking.

  3. the one thing i have learned about gear on a diet is have your diet planned first. I mean everything, down to every meal, set a timeframe to peak and be serious about it.

    don't just say, well i'm gonna go on some drugs and restrict calories and maybe do cardio.

    set your calories, and start off drug-free, when weightloss platues and you have to REALLY restrict calories really low, thats when you add in the gear. otherwise you'll just do your 8,12,16 whatever week cycle and you may be a little leaner, but not anything you couldn't have achieved without the drugs.

    I'm not saying that this is what you would do, i'm just giving general advice to anyone.

  4. Also look into Anavar

  5. A nice simple cycle would be:

    Test Prop 150mg/eod (Week 1-8)
    Tren Ace 75mg/eod (Week 1-7)
    Proviron 50mg /ed

    Just make sure you have you PCT setup and a AI on hand if you need it.

  6. I'm just finishing a cycle of superdrol now, how long would I have to wait to start that cycle?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by rooter
    I'm just finishing a cycle of superdrol now, how long would I have to wait to start that cycle?
    How long have you been on the cycle? Some people say time off should equal time on cycle. I would do your PCT for the Superdrol and get some blood work done to see how things look.

  8. I like the cycle that Chemist63 outlined for you, potent cutter right there.


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