Boldenone undecylenate conversion

  1. Boldenone undecylenate conversion

    I have some boldenone undecylenate base that is in an oily solution. My question is what does this solution consist of? Is it a powder with BA and oil mixed with it. Also if I want to make 200mg/ml what %BA should I use. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Nope that is the natural way that EQ is at room temperature... it is a liquid.. as for how much BA.. I will let you look at this

    Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise) :

    You will need benzyl alcohol, syringes, a container that will hold 25 ml and oil
    (arachis or sesame oil). Because we will inject this, the oil needs to be
    sterile. To sterilize it heat the oil to 212 degrees F (100 degrees C). In the
    mean time use a syringe to fill your container with EXACTLY 25 ml of pure water.
    Mark the container at the water level. use the syringe to take out 0.8 ml and
    make another mark. Your container is now marked at 24.2 ml and 25 ml. Dump out
    the water and let the container dry. let the oil cool off.

    Dump the boldenone oil (5 g) in the container, add oil until it reaches the 24.2
    ml mark. Then add Benzyl alcohol until it reaches the 25 ml mark. Seal your
    container and shake it well. You are now ready to use the product. It is a
    boldenone undecylenate solution at 200 mg/ml. I suggest a weekly injection of 2
    ml (400 mg) for a period of 10-12 weeks. At this rate the product will last you
    12.5 weeks.


    a few quick universal guidelines
    generally 1 gram of powder/hormone will displace 1ml of volume when dissolved in a liquid.

    to find out how to make a certain mg/ml concentration you need to do a few things:

    lets say we want 300mg/ml and want 100ml total. and lets assume that 5%ba will keep this in solution.

    obviously we will need the final volume to be 100ml

    100ml x300mg in each ml
    100x300=30,000mg total hormone used



    since 1g=1ml then 30g=30ml

    so now we want 100ml and know we need to add 30g hormone to achieve 300mg/ml. since 30g=30ml, we now have 70ml left to displace with something else.

    now we need to add enough ba to achieve 5% of the total volume.

    100ml x .05(.05=5%) =5ml ba

    so we had 100ml total and subtracted 30ml to make room for the hormone, then subtract another 5ml to make room for the ba, which leaves us with 65ml. this is how much oil or pg etc... we will need to add.

    to get to 100 total ml we use 30g hormone which is equall to 30ml
    add 5ml ba
    add 65ml oil


    now everyone should be able to figure out how to make any mg/ml in any total amount of ml. if you still dont understand how to make 200mg/ml with 50ml total, or 150mg/ml in 75ml total, well god help you, you should give up

  3. Thanks

    I really appreciate the info and it is a perfect blueprint for what I have to do. Thanks!

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