whats the highest mg/ml testosterone?

  1. Question whats the highest mg/ml testosterone?

    whats the highest mg per ml that testosterone can be? A buddy told me someone had it at 500mg/ml on a list he saw, is this possible? Also same guy had EQ at 500mg/ml...?

  2. i've seen 500mg/ml before.

    400mg/ml is VERY common.

    sure it's possible, just be careful w/ stuff like T-400 by denkall, it's rather painful and will leave a lump from all the BA.

  3. EDITED BY SCOTTYO....This was not an open invite to PM me for anyone reading this.

  4. yeah, he says they are all painfree, scottyo, would it be ok If I PM'd you a question about this to see if we are talking of the same guy?

  5. Got the PM, and replied

  6. I know exactly who you are talking about and I have tried both the test and EQ and both are spectacular.

  7. does he have really fast turn around time? and how about discreet packing? Highly reccomended? thanks!

  8. Gentlemen, you might need to take this to PM's or better yet secure email...

  9. Understandable Matthew, already done.

  10. dang, this whole thread is :


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