Will my gyno get worse with PHs?

  1. Will my gyno get worse with PHs?

    I just naturally got gyno around the age of 13. It actually wasn't much of an issue until I started doing researh on these boards (thanx guys ). I'm positive I have it, and I plan on having surgery at some point in my life. I was wondering if my gyno can get worse than it already is? I was planning on using T-1 Pro for my first PH. I'm not at all thinking of skipping an anti-e post-cycle, I'm just curious what could happen since I already have gyno. Thanx

  2. It very likely will get worse while on prohormones. If you are going to mess with it (which may be very risky in your case), I would take a good anti-aromatize during the cycle.

  3. It's seems as though your prone so def have nolv on hand. Also if have it naturally then insurance will probably cover it. If you worsen it by ph or AS's insurance will pretty much stick you with the bill. Just my 50 cents

  4. How will the insurance company know?

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