Proposed first DNP cycle

  1. Proposed first DNP cycle

    After much DNP research in the last month, I've decided to take the plunge with DNP. I'm going to be using this thread, first off to make sure that I have everything planned out correctly, and secondly to track my progress. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions about a first time DNP user. I have spent the last few weeks reading all that I can about DNP in terms of studies, logs, and experiences, so hopefully this will go well.

    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 180
    Bodyfat: 11-12%

    Reach single digit bodyfat after the cycle. Note, I realize that you can do this with exercise and diet, and I would inevitably hit single digits in that way. But this experiment is also an educational one in which I can share my DNP experience and hopefully fight the negative stereotype that DNP has, as long as learn more about DNP and its effect on my body.

    DNP Dosage:
    200mg DNP days 1-9
    400mg DNP days 10-14

    First dosage will be taken with my 1st meal after morning cardio
    Second dosage will be taken 8 hours later

    Potassium Gluconoate
    Vitamin C
    Hawthorne Berry (I know DNP doesn't increase bp, but taking it for the EC since high bp runs in family)

    2 gallons a day. Will walk around with gallons at all times

    Will be done on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. 20-30 minutes of light jogging (usually 45-hour, but lowering it b/c of DNP)

    I personally believe in keeping my carbs low when I diet... 100g on training days, <30g on non-training days, and clean refeeds once a week. Obviously, this is different with DNP especially with the necessity to add fructose, so I will add additional carbs in the form of fructose. I am VERY used to going low carb... I don't feel any difference in lethargy between low carbs/high carbs, however I'm worried that my carbs will be too low on DNP.

    Training days -
    Protein: 220g
    Carbs: 160g (50g in PWO meal 1, 50g in PWO meal 2, and 60g coming from fructose in the form of apples and blueberries throughout the day... other meals will be fat+protein)
    Fat: 68g

    Non-training days -
    Protein: 220g
    Carbs: 90g
    Fat: 68g

    I know that this seems very low on the cal side, but I am actually increasing it from what I'm taking in right now (and I'm stalling right now on cals... lowered too fast and dieted too long). I am also intaking more calories than apparent, because I do not count certain macros... protein in nuts/peanut butter, carbs in avocadoes, etc. I also am pretty sure I'll be snacking on clean carbs, like fruit and grains on the side outside of my planned diet.

    Looking forward to hearing responses about my log

  2. I'm curious to your results but i'm still up in the air about DNP, the stuff scares me honestly.

  3. I would add some Pyruviate to your supplements if you're going to low carb it.

    K wrote this a while back it has some interesting info in it.
    Understanding DNP

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    I'm curious to your results but i'm still up in the air about DNP, the stuff scares me honestly.
    It scared the shi* out of me too. But I can honestly now say that I am very comfortable with the idea of taking it. Check out There're tons of logs there. Good stuff -- everyone who took DNP did so healthily with no side effects. I would even prefer DNP to T3 or clen based on sides, to tell you the truth.

  5. Well ya atleast your doing it right with the right supporting supplements, knowing myself i'll end up using it in the future, lol.

  6. I'm a huge fan of DNP...but choosing to run it over the summer during the heatwave was a BAD idea.
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  7. I posted a response over at meso...


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