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    Well, after reading more about ph;s, ive decided not to try them yet. Ive only been working out a few months, and it seems i should wait. The reason i wanted to do them now was i enlisted in the army with the 18x contract which is sf, and really need to gain strength and muscle fast. I guess i'll lay off PH for now. Just wanna thank the board and certain guys here who have been helpful.

  2. Originally posted by wagner
    Ive only been working out a few months, and it seems i should wait.
    i salute you in your decision. lot of people who's still new to bodybuilding doesnt look into all aspect of prohoromonal use. Im sure when you feel like its time for you to use androgens, you will. Good job brah. Sage

  3. Wagner, smart men make good decisions. Try really hard to reach your natural potential using hard-n-heavy training....good diet....and plenty of rest. I'm sure you'll see results. Once you feel you've reached your natural limit and you've done your homework on PH's, you'll be ready for it. Best of luck.

  4. YAY! it makes me happy when people decide to wait before getting into this stuff, smart move my friend!

  5. A wise decision. Way to think about it, instead of just doing it.





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