Supplement Help....

  1. Supplement Help....

    Here is the deal guys I am an amature boxer and have to stay the most natural that i can. I am interested in getting more shredded, but keep my size. Right now i am 160 pound and about 10% body fat at 5 foot 7. I recently tried jungle warfare and it was decent, but i dont know if i was taking enough for how much i work out. Two a days every day. Lots of running, eating, sparring and lifting. My diet is flawless. Let me know if there is anything you guys reccomend. Thanks guys i could use the advice.

  2. Well if your a boxer look into something that contains citrulline malate and creatine ethyl ester to extend your endurance, this will also help to maintain muscle mass and clear lactic acid from your muscles. I think you should check out USP labs sale at SynergyMuscle, pick up some Cialabol i got to beta test it and it's an anti-estrogen/creatine/partioning agent and adatagen all in one. I noticed my stomach, sides and chest inparticular really harden up on this product. Also check out their products Camphibolic and Camphibolic Intense for fat burners. All of their products are awesome and being sold dirty cheap right now so take advantage of it.

  3. My diet is 6 small meals a day. I burn a rediculase amount of calories all day. I trick to stick with a lot more natural food, but normally cant et all of them to be so Ill have to shake of the GF pro by ergopharm. My meals for example consist of 1 cup brown rice with hot sauce, 6 oz of chicken and a ton of veggies (normally raw ina salad). There are all similar except i always alternate between fish and chicken and for breakfast ill add a peice of fruit or two. I also eat seasame seed every day on my salad for the healthy fat. I get about 20 grams aday of healthy fat. Im going to try and kcick that up a little too. As for bcaa i just picked up Xtend by scivation and really like it. It is some good stuff i take it twice a day. Thanks for the imput let me know if there is anything else i can try. I am interested in the USP product, but what dosages should i take them at, the recommened or more.

  4. 2 caps before breakfast and 2 caps post workout with lots of carbs. YOu'll notice a good amount of muscle fullness on this product it's definitely one of my favourite supplements now.

  5. Folks seem to really like the Focus XT stuff by SNS.

    I've not tried it myself yet - but should help with focus before practice.



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